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Welcome to your very minimal world of wooden toys!

Most of us nowadays parents can still remember the simple handmade wooden toys from our childhood which gave us the feeling of joy and comfort and made warm and fun memories for our families. It was before the time that mass production of plastic artifacts brought mountains of plastic toys into the houses and families that used to pass the toys from elders to the younger rather than just throw them out. Those stylish wooden toys were timeless objects which stories of different generations planted on them and still may be found somewhere in grandparents‘ houses, waiting for a curious child to come and play with them.

Designing new and fun toys

Minimalist kids came to life through a desire to bring the incredibly positive effects of everlasting wooden toys to the generation of today. We imagined our soon-to-be child playing with wooden toys and knitted animals, and embraced Toy Minimalism. This was were our story begun.

Inspiring from a minimalist aesthetic, our artist-designers deployed the idea of “less is more” to combine simplicity, clarity, and singleness in their design. They simply removed the distraction of excess aspects and focus more on those things that matter the most; safety, joy, and peace-of-mind.

Following a sustainable ideology, our products are built to last. We craft our toys from Eco-natural sustainably sourced Beechwood, which are BPA free, PVC free, and entirely free of any plastic materials. Using traditional Scandinavian wood manufacturing techniques, we avoid chemicals in finishing our wooden artifacts. For engaging colors to our made to be safe products, we only use water-based organic dyes, making our toys the best friend of your teething crawler in the house.

In the Minimalist Kids group, we aim to bring you the best quality wooden toys which value nature, craftsmanship, and simplicity. Our confidence is to give your children and grandchildren toys they will treasure them always, toys that will last forever and can be passed to the others.

We are still improving ourselves daily on the ways we can minimize our footprint on the planet and optimize our trace on where the dreams of childhood start and grow!

We welcome comments, feedback, and suggestions. Feel free to e-mail us at info@minimalistkids.com.

Minimalist kids appreciate your support.

Thank you!

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